I cannot think of a more professional or well-versed group of senior managers. What these people bring to the table is well beyond any of their competitors. It has been a pleasure to work with these individuals.


A great benefit

It has been a great benefit to come across a company that understands both the big picture while paying attention to the small details.


Highest levels of quality service

Platinum Leaf provides services for a varied scope including our very challenging 700,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and executive office space within our head office complex. I have worked closely with Tony Boosheri, the owner of Platinum Leaf, and Tyler Madison, their Vice President, for over a dozen years. These two gentlemen offer the highest levels of quality service and are incredibly knowledgeable about, not only their industry, but business in general.


A pleasure to work with

Platinum Leaf has been a pleasure to work with over the years, providing solutions to any unique cleaning needs that we have had over the years. Not only have we been pleased with the cleaning service they provide, we have been impressed with the level of customer service and pro-active approaches they have provided us with.


Good people and good work

They consistently bring good people and good work to the table. Do they miss something here and there? Yes, of course. But their management team is the best I have seen within the cleaning industry, bar none.



One of the buildings that I manage is a high-occupancy strata with both owners and renters, so there are a lot of people to keep happy. Platinum Leaf’s cleaners can be relied upon to do just that.