Premium Services

Platinum Leaf Facilities Inc. provides a complete range of commercial cleaning services including interior and exterior cleaning:
  • Daily cleaning and sanitation
  • Sanitizing specialized areas such as lunchrooms, washrooms, etc.
  • Floor maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing

In a variety of locations:

  • Plants & warehouses
  • High-rise office facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Strata common areas
  • Retail


Platinum Leaf also provides a complete line of cleaning supplies and paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap lotion, garbage bags, and deodorizers etc, at most competitive rates.
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  • Green Services

    • Platinum Leaf can provide an entire suite of environmentally friendly services supported with the most advanced products available.
      “Green Services Programs are custom designed to meet your specific requirements… you choose the level of green that works best for your organisation”
  • Supplies

    • Platinum Leaf Facilities Inc. provides a wide range of commercial cleaning supplies and paper products.
      “Platinum Leaf is able to provide the most up-to-date environmentally friendly products you may require… just ask!”
      Platinum Leaf supplies well over 4,000 different items: we can source nearly anything you might require! For a complete supply list with current prices, or to order supplies, please call our toll-free number at +1 855 523 9500.
      “We would be happy to analyze your existing product base and develop a competitive proposal based on your individual needs.”
  • Supervision

    • Site supervision is mandatory and is determined by work volume/building size to ensure that a consistent quality level is maintained at all times while ensuring ongoing worker efficiency. All cleaners, depending on their assigned responsibilities, are provided with detailed checklists, which include their nightly, weekly and monthly duties. These checklists are completed nightly and turned over to the site supervisor(s) for review and then subsequently redirected to the Operations Manager. A Customer Service Manager will be meeting with you regularly to thoroughly inspect your premises and will be visiting cleaners at a minimum of once a month to assess the site supervisor’s performance and the entire crew’s overall service quality.